Attain Increased Source Of Information With Nook Vs Kindle Fire

Can I read free/public-domain books on my Kindle?

Absolutely! Yes you can. Amazon has a variety of public-domain books for free on the kindle store. Aside from Amazon, you could also download them through Project Gutenberg and Google Books. Most of  Amazons free books came from there.

Am I be able to read EPUB files on my Kindle ?

Yes indeed. You can download public-domain books in Google Books in EPUB standard not in Kindle's AZW or  MOBI formats. You may want to convert EPUB files without DRM (just like the ones you downloaded in from  Google books) into Kindle-compatible formats, well, there is actually a way. I suggest you download a converter  or you may want to go for another one, it’s Nook vs Kindle do I avoid people sending me spam mails and making me pay for document delivery?

You have to authorize a certain user to send a document to your kindle. Make sure to always review your  authorized user to avoid these kinds of problems in the future.

Is it possible to send web articles I saved in Instapaper to my Kindle? If yes, How?

As of the moment, It can't be automatically be delivered to our, But you could navigate    through the web interface or have Instapaper send some articles to your Kindle device. Your Instapaper articles  will then be grouped just as the same format as Newspapers and Magazines.

Is it possible to share books with family and friends?

As of the moment, No. But anyhow you can share an Amazon account with another person and authorize both of your devices to download e-books purchased from that account. This is mostly the case for families who often have a single account in Amazon to buy e-books. No question, you could also do this with set of friends, the thing is since each account is tied to one kindle, you are only limited to be reading that e-book in that same group account. With free books, you can just simply authorize a number of email addresses to share it to.